A Curious Difference

There is an interesting difference I see among young US scholars and young Spanish scholars. The former want to rattle off woke slogans and that’s it but the latter are interested in talking about joblessness, precarity, forced migration, etc.

I listened today to a great talk that was, in part, about how the concept of family life becomes a luxury in neoliberal societies and what that means. Of course, the speaker was from Spain. An English speaker wouldn’t conceive of noticing anything of the kind.

Feels Nice

One thing that never gets old is listening to a conference session based on the ideas and concepts that I developed. When young scholars start on about the neoliberal promotion of migration as an unalloyed good, the weakening of the nation-state and why it’s bad, the enormous advantages that neoliberalism offers to some and the suffering it brings to others – all of it spiced up with quotes from yours truly – it feels nice.

Wide Category

Look up the milky white Taylor-Joy who has a very white father from the whitest country in South America and ponder the fact of her being in the same category as Queen Latifah.

The reasons why Argentina is so white have to do with the policies if racial cleansing and population replacement that were popular in 19th-century Argentina. But US leftists don’t care about that. To them, everybody who isn’t a US white is “a person of color,” which to them means “defective.”