Out and About

The pandemic didn’t make us stay locked up indoors but the heat wave did. I’m out at a local juicery with Klara, resting after a great long walk. We haven’t gone outdoors for two weeks, and I now know how victims of lockdowns feel after finally being let out.

One thought on “Out and About

  1. “the heat wave”

    Now that you bring it up (indirectly, but…) how…. unstable is weather in Ukraine (especially your part)? Weather is notably insane in Poland (and more generally Central Europe). Having weather better suited to other seasons happen during the day is completely normal (I remember going to work once in 10c sunny weather and it snowing and hailing(!) before it was time to go home by which time the sun was out again).
    Air pressure (my happy spot is around 1000-1020) and even worse air pressure changes also do a number on me (the absolute worst is a rapid fall in air pressure… massive caffeine dosing are the only thing that comes close to helping).
    I never remember paying attention to air pressure in the US and I always obsess about it now….


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