Dear Sir

The new Yoruba instructor who hasn’t seen my face yet addresses me as “sir” multiple times in each email.

I find it oddly endearing. Makes me feel like I’m in the military. “Sir, yes, sir! Ready to go, sir! At your orders, sir!”

We are having a Zoom meeting tomorrow, so I finally did write to say that I’m actually a ma’am to avoid shocking the instructor when he sees me.

4 thoughts on “Dear Sir

  1. You do realize that “ma’am” is informal address, not quite the equivalent of “sir.” The proper respectful feminine title is “madam.”


      1. ” makes me feel like I’m a brothel keeper”

        Well American brothels (late 19th early 20th centuries) often featured “professors” so it doesn’t seem so far fetched after all..
        The professor was a piano player who took requests and some great early jazz musicians started their careers that way (like Jelly Roll Morton).


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