Thank you, those who recommended Broadchurch! We are loving it.

In the third season, though, I ran into a snag that’s poisoning my enjoyment of the show. A rape victim gets assigned a “victim advocate,” an uneducated, unqualified, utterly stupid woman in a failed marriage who’s trying to treat the victim’s trauma with a collection of confidently spouted cliches. This is quite accidental to the plotline but I can’t get over it. We wouldn’t let some random person off the street drill our teeth, would we? Is our mind more primitive than our teeth?

Careless, stupid “therapy” conducted by people who have a million of psychological problems of their own can do terrible damage. I’ve seen some really sad cases where traumatized people were driven into depression or even suicidal thoughts by these pseudo-specialists who use patients to dump their emotional garbage on them. And I’m upset that a popular TV show presents such behavior as normal. It’s emotional vampirism at its worst.

It’s a great show otherwise, though. Beautiful scenery, lovely accents, great stories.

5 thoughts on “Snag

  1. I hardly remember what season 3 was about. I just recall wondering how much worse the series can get after really excellent season 1.


  2. Today a lot of such therapists might be flocking to therapy apps. A couple of years ago, stupid as it was, I tried it out one called TalkSpace and was assigned a therapist exactly like this. Fortunately I had an intuition about it and left after only three sessions. So, beware.

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