This regime was a secularized religion, a ‘church-state’ or a state ‘counter-church,’ with its own intolerant dogma, preachers, sacred rites and lofty idioms that offered total explanations of the past, present and future, while demanding unwavering dedication from its adherents. Acquiescence was not enough; such regimes demand constant affirmation and enthusiasm from their own populations.

— Michael Burleigh, The Third Reich

10 thoughts on “Counter-church

    1. “Sounds very much like Trump’s America.”

      Sure, it does. Shortly after Trump is re-elected in 2024, his minions are going to kick down my front door, kill my cat, and take me away to the camp on edge of town.

      Probably you, too, but since we’re both old men, nobody will miss us.


      1. I thought Trump was in power right now. Because somebody forgot to clean after their dog and left a pile of poop on the sidewalk. If it wasn’t Trump’s fault, I’m utterly confused as to whom to blame.


        1. Trump is the shadow power-in-waiting for 2024. He has no reason to clean up his dog’s mess, because it will again be the new normal after re-election.The Democrats under their addled, senile leadership don’t dare attempt to clean it up, because they remember the famous ancient saying: “If you try to kill the emperor [or clean up his dog’s poop], you’d better actually be successful in KILLING him” — and they know they’re too impotent to accomplish that.

          This issue won’t resolve itself until 2024, with the worst possible outcomes contingent on Trump running again (as he is plainly planning to do),and the Democrats running either their by-then totally lost-in-dementia Joe, or Joe’s heir-apparent the clueless, despised Harris.

          At least there will be high drama, like a Shakespearean melodrama written in hell about the death of the ruling world order. Be sure you keep all channels of your television on!

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          1. Trump is the blank screen onto which the entire left is still projecting its Jungian Shadow. One begins to wonder if they’ll ever turn the projector off and wander away, or if they will go to their graves still shrilly insisting that every impulse and feeling they can’t acknowledge in their repressed little hearts, is actually Trump.

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            1. “still projecting its Jungian Shadow”

              Some time after he was removed from twitter I was listening to a leftist podcast and they were positively jonesing for him… forget his supporters, it was the left that latched onto him more intensely and emotionally than anyone else. I’ve never seen anything like it in US politics. It makes the right’s hatred of Hillary Clinton seem restrained…


              1. That’s true and so weird. When I hang out with people who voted for Trump, we don’t mention Trump at all. We got over him a long time ago. But people who voted for Biden, just can’t let Trump go. How aren’t they bored to death?


  1. Late at night when my brain is fried and I want to be entertained, I watch a little show called “The Good Fight”. Midway through the first season Trump won and they accurately portrayed the fear and doom of his “reign”. Then one of the main characters begins to exhibit TDS and starts “micro dosing” as the fear takes hold and people (in response to Trump?) begin killing lawyers. Round about the third season she joins a secret, anonymous group hell bent on destroying Trump. Keep in mind, this streamed in 2019. They come to justify stealing the election in 2020 by flipping ballots (because the Repubs did it first and they found a way to hack their hack). I was wondering if they predicted the future or if this is just always the way it has been done and we weren’t aware. I do believe TDS is the religion we are discussing and they are lost without it.


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