Bad Brand

If I were the fiancee of the fellow who got a woman fired for being not so nice to him at a dog park, I’d cancel the wedding. If the guy is this mean and vindictive to a random stranger, imagine what he’ll be like to a wife or a child.

Honestly, I can’t even remotely imagine N behaving like this or even giving a second thought to some woman in a park.

I understand that the guy is brand-building but there are less insane ways to do that.

6 thoughts on “Bad Brand

  1. If you can get somebody fired by showing a 20 second video that’s impossible to interpret (beyond what the filmer says about it)…. you’re probably a member of the PMC and not oppressed at all….

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  2. This does not bode well for the rest of us. It’s only a matter of time before we have cameras watching every movement of our lives and grading us on behavior (which is what happened to this unfortunate woman). Fired! And she wasn’t even working (on the clock) at the time.

    And isn’t “hood” just another way to say “neighborhood”?


    1. I think she was drunk, to be honest. Slurring her words, acting confused. It happens, gosh, why is it necessary to be a dick about it? And the saddest thing about this is, as always, that there’s nobody in this guy’s circle to tell him what he did wasn’t right.


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