Yet another utterly insane brouhaha over wounded snowflake fee-fees at Yale.

I graduated in 2008, and it wasn’t anything like this kind of place. This all happened very very fast.

5 thoughts on “Fast

    1. Remember how they wanted to ban Curious George because he’s a monkey and that must mean he is a stand-in for a black person? The wokes see monkeys and think “black people!” That’s some messed up shit right there.


  1. No, not fast, more like Hemingway’s conception …

    You’ve only become more aware of it in the same way that Soto Zen “gradual” adherents accidentally become Rinzai Zen “sudden” participants.

    What happened was gradual at first, then it happened all at once.


  2. It looks as if too many people in the US are currently in a state of infantile regression. The United States of Arrested Development. What happened?

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