Six-dollar Billionaires

Did you, folks, know that the Biden administration wants to make banks report any transaction over $600 that individuals make? This is supposedly aimed at “billionaires” who are well-known to avoid taxes by making $600 transactions. Of course, this lets off the hook those billionaires who make $6 transactions but that’s a different story. They will be getting their comeuppance during Biden’s second term.

9 thoughts on “Six-dollar Billionaires

  1. This reminded me of recent news from Russia, where their analog of the FBI got right to delay any money transfers by up to 10 days without the court order, to prevent people from organizing anything unsanctioned.

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      1. This is another attempt to kill small businesses with a lot of cash operations: construction, restaurants, cleaners, landscapers. It’s just great how the Biden administration makes sure that the richest pay more in taxes.


        1. Have you seen what’s happening in the employment scene lately? This last month, I think we may have hit a new record in the US for people just up and quitting their jobs. Some of that is looming vaccine mandates. IMO the MSM is radically under-reporting just how many people are A) still unvaxd, and B) would rather walk off the job than be vaxd. Stumbled across a twitter vid yesterday of a Southwest gate at an airport. They were paging customer “No Mandate” to the desk… during the biggest definitely-not-an-airline-strike-it-was-just-weather in decades.

          People are leaving the official workforce in droves. Biden admin is trying to make sure they can’t get work in the gray market.

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  2. I’d like to point something out. Everyone over 18 makes a $600 payment or more at least once a year. If you have a house-payment, odds are it is over $600, if you rent a house, odds are its over $600, if you pay insurance on a car or house, odds are its over $600, if you pay taxes; personal, business, or property odds are its over $600. Aimed at “billionaires” my foot. This is a blatant power-grab and whats more, the way this is being done out in the open it’s like they are saying, “I’m going to do this to you and you are going to sit there and take it like a filthy peasant.”

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  3. Thought this might go here:

    The answer is “the Biden administration”.

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  4. So, Mister Crackpot, why did you withdraw $600 every Friday evening?

    Hookers and blow.

    But Mister Crackpot, you have a faithful girlfriend!

    Yeah, the hookers and blow were for her.

    Prove otherwise. 🙂


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