Twenty Million

Is it true that there are 20 million jobs in this country that can’t be filled because there aren’t enough people with college degrees?

I’m listening to the talk of one of the candidates for our top administrative position and he’s saying this.

Both candidates we have are from California. Lord have mercy on us. They fucked it up over there and now want to flock here and fuck us up.

8 thoughts on “Twenty Million

  1. It’s just the opposite — too many people with college degrees, too many jobs where a college degree is not only not necessary, but a detriment. The person with the degree considers service jobs beneath him, and he thinks his credential entitles him to a good income, since that’s what everyone told him (“You have to go to college or you’ll never get a good job!”). Every business in my town has a “Now Hiring” sign outside it, but most of the jobs they’re looking to fill do not require more than a high school diploma, if that. Most are offering an hourly wage well above the minimum, double the minimum in many cases, but they can’t get anyone interested, and I’m pretty sure the situation will persist as long as the government is paying able-bodied people to stay home and watch television.

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  2. It’s been about 40 years since any old college degree made somebody more employable, if not for the insane practice of set-asides: a claims adjuster needs a college degree? A bank teller? What forever for?

    Although I did the whole Great Books/MBA route, I’ve often thought I’d have been happier working with my hands.

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  3. During the lockdowns, most people with a college degree stayed home from work. At the same time, most of the people with essential jobs did not have college degrees.

    Now all of a sudden there aren’t enough college degree holders who weren’t needed during the lockdowns, to fill jobs that weren’t being done at all during the lockdowns.

    I’m not sure what is going on but that doesn’t make any sense to me.

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      1. Maybe the candidate is marketing themselves to the dean or whatever does the hiring by gaslighting everyone around into thinking that there is a real need for college degrees and he is the one to hire because he is so passionate about filling those 20 million jobs with 20 million students, each paying fees.

        I’ve seen something as crazy in a government department that was started by a certain government, who hired a salesman to be the CEO. Then the administration was voted out, leaving the salesman to administer the department under a new government who had no idea who he was or what he was doing.

        So for several years the salesman/CEO has gone around excitedly spruiking his department and saying all sorts of crazy exciting sounding stuff that is coming up in the future to do with the department, presumably to make sure that money is allocated to his department.

        Not a single thing has been achieved by him except drawing a salary btw. The whole department is a farce.

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    1. At my workplace, they have currently 3 positions open. No one is in a hurry to hire unless the right candidate comes along: proper skills with proper ethnicity. Many of these positions are reserved for unicorns I think.

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