Past Injustice

A person who is fixated on a past injustice done to him is permanently crippled. He bleeds energy. His main identity becomes that of a victim, a loser, and he does everything to service that identity. It is unimportant whether the injustice is real or imaginary. The result is always that he says his own energy by pouring it into the past instead of into the future.

This is why Trump will not be a good candidate in 2024. He’s fixated on the injustice of his 2020 loss. He has dissipated his persona of “I’m a winner and everybody associated with me gets sprinkled with the golden dust of winning” to nurse a past grievance. And he’s never going to be as good at nursing grievances as his opponents. So he loses even at being a loser.

8 thoughts on “Past Injustice

  1. I very much see your point here. But you’ve also made very good points about why Desantis would be a poor candidate. I’m wondering, who’s left? Obviously other people exist but I can’t think of any who are likely to win a primary, or even any who I like all that much. It may end up being our weak candidate vs. their weaker candidate.


    1. DeSantis seems to be working on his public speaking problems. I saw his recent statement on law enforcement, and it was better. He’s still nowhere near being able to hold large rallies but he’s improving.

      I’d support Trump if he ditched the obsession with the 2020 election. It’s done, it’s over, let’s move on.

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  2. Trump is so beloved by the base because they see his victimhood as their victimhood. It’s a symbiotic relationship that will be difficult to end. I can’t even say I’ve never been guilty of this myself.


  3. Actally, I think you need Trump to get in – its those very grievances and wrongs that he needs to ‘fix’ in his first term in office to level the playing field for all future republican candidates. Who better than someone like him, with revenge on his mind to blow up the social media monopoly, the work ideology, the deep state etc. Its precisely because he is so obsessed with this, and the deep state/democrats are so obsessed with throwing every tool they have at him that he’s the right one…

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    1. “for all future republican candidates”

      For all future candidates.

      Right now, at this moment in time, it’s a problem that appears to be Dem vs. Rep. But it’s not. It’s deep state vs. the electorate, and it needs to be smashed with the largest available hammer.


  4. And what if I don’t care because I want to watch the whole corrupt thing burn?

    Apparently 66% of voters want “Texit”, which is where Texas follows the terms of its treaty with the United States in order to leave it.

    How long until there’s “Fixit”?

    I’m in favour of it as long as “fixing Florida” doesn’t mean there’s a whole new bureaucracy that swallows up Leon County and then starts invading Wakulla County for more office space.

    As for DeSantis, it’s like Florida decided after all these years that yes, Florida does in fact deserve having a conservative version of Adlai Stevenson.

    I genuinely give zero craps about whether he’s a great speaker as long as he’s brilliant at policy.

    Does everyone expect that government (and everything else) has to be entertaining?





    Saw the best meme today, it’s a picture of Alex Jones burning in Hell with a caption to the effect that this is what CAPS LOCK looks like if it had a face. 🙂

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