Taking Down the Soviet Flag

It’s pretty unbelievable that we still need to win wars to be able to take down Soviet flags. Whoever was it that “won the Cold War” did a piss-poor job of it.

7 thoughts on “Taking Down the Soviet Flag

    1. They are using the red flags, and – even more bizarrely – erecting statues of Lenin in the areas they conquer. A couple of times they glued back statues of Lenin that Ukrainians had smashed to pieces previously.

      The problem is, you need a flag to mark your territory in a war. But the official Russian flag is very new. Nobody knows what it is supposed to mean and what order are the stripes. The Soviet flag is hallowed by tradition in comparison.

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      1. The old SA flag is extremely unpopular representing dour colonial history and the Boer war. The new rainbow flag is much more popular representing modern diversity and inclusion.


          1. For some reason, it looks like the flag of Vanuatu. I think it was mostly a coincidence. A new flag was needed on short notice for the democratic elections, and then people just stuck with it.


    2. Soviet nostalgia is quite strong in many former Soviet republics, and particularly strong among those Russians who volunteered for this war (as opposed to being drafted). They not only restore monuments to Lenin, sometimes they erect monuments to Stalin, which were not a thing even in the USSR past certain date…


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