[deleted profanity]

Every Tuesday I rush like crazy to get home after my 3 long and very different classes, make a hot meal for Klara, bring it with me to daycare and feed it to her on our way to the dance lesson. The meals are all made from scratch, balanced, healthy and multi-component.

And then I arrive and discover that another kid had a birthday and a [deleted profanity] well-meaning [deleted profanity] parent [deleted profanity] brought [deleted profanity] a tray of cupcakes [deleted profanity] in poisonous colors. And now not only does Klara have no interest in the hot meal, but she’s listless and I’m afraid she’ll throw up just like last time.

[deleted profanity] cupcakes from here to [deleted profanity].

[deleted profanity][deleted profanity][deleted profanity]

4 thoughts on “[deleted profanity]

  1. Poor Klara. 😦

    Are the daycare cupcakes, something N wouldn’t be able to stomach either? If N is sensitive she might be too.


  2. Can you ask the daycare workers not give her cupcakes the next time? Or you don’t want to do this to prevent Clara being the only child looking at others eating?

    Also, is Clara too young to understand a talk with you about cupcakes making her feel bad?


    1. There is really no way to explain to a 2-year-old why everybody is eating cupcakes but she can’t. So I’ll have to lump it. She didn’t throw up yesterday, so that’s good.

      And it’s Klara, not Clara because it’s a Jewish name and not Hispanic.

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  3. Give me the vanilla ones with chocolate frosting
    …and a pot of coffee to go with them.
    I may be constipated for the next week or so, but a little ephemeral delight makes for a good psychological experience …


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