Where Is Papa?

Klara grabs the remote, presses some buttons, and speaks into it as if it were a phone.

“Papa? Papa, where are you? Come back! I miss my papa!”

I feel a pang of guilt even though it’s not like I deprived her of papa. He’s at the gym.

9 thoughts on “Where Is Papa?

      1. She doesn’t see either of your phones and you don’t have a landline?

        Good for you!

        Be careful with the Alexa/Google Assistant: she may accidentally stream the 700 Club-Chick Track podcast into your home. :p

        Also possible: she’ll skype call someone on your computer.


        1. Whenever I talk to Alexa, the poor kid throws herself on the floor face down, and covers her head. She says she is scared of Alexa. So I had to stop using it in front of her, too.

          We have this old toy that’s a rotary phone and she loves to see me pretend to make calls on it. She tells me who to call and to say she misses them. It’s hilarious.


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