The 13 Indicted Russians

Mueller’s indictment for 13 Russians is disastrous for anti-Trumpers. Not only is there zero evidence of any collusion, the Russians are indicted for promoting Trump and Sanders. Because there’s no difference to them.

This means that Russians are convinced there is no alternative to aggressive globalization. Their approach was “anything but Hillary” because Hillary is an unapologetic, aggressive globalizer. They believe that she would have put the US so far ahead in this game that there would be no competing with it. Anybody even slightly less enamored of globalization would be better for the Russians, who are still hoping to win this competition.


2 thoughts on “The 13 Indicted Russians”

  1. I am actually not sure they want to win at globalization. I do not think they sincerely consider it realistic to stop the globalization completely, but this is indeed the dream of many of them. The outcome that would be realistic and desirable in a better world, but unfortunately is not.
    The idea of “multipolar world” is also rooted not only in some residual imperial/ SU thinking, but also in the desire to keep the globalization to only a part of the world, thank you very much.
    And their main beef with Hillary is that they consider her not just a globalist, but irresponsible globalist. Somebody who would do things to other countries for US internal-political reasons.


    1. Globalization is the only game in town. So everybody who wants to win has to win at it because there’s nothing else. The Russian elites are completely deterritorialized and fluid. In spite of the narratives they offer the plebs. The goal is exactly like Trump’s, to appease and manipulate the non-fluid by speaking to their fear of fluidity. The difference with Hillary is that she didn’t even try to pretend.


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