Royal Wedding

I’m busily unfollowing on FB everybody who is gushing about the symbolic or ideological meaning of the royal wedding. There is a limit to how much stupidity I can take.

There’s nothing shameful about enjoying a spot of gossip, and trying to pretty it up by assigning the gossip the significance it doesn’t have is idiotic.

Other than this, the groom was dense, the bride ugly, the dress stupid, the sermon boring, but Elton John had a beautiful pair of glasses on and it made up for everything.


What do fathers of small daughters do when they take them to the playground or the park or wherever and they need to use the bathroom? OK, some men have a capacity to hold it in forever. But what about those who can’t? Or grandpas whose capacity to hold it in diminishes with age?

It’s a mystery that has bugged me for 2 years and 3 months.

Proletarians, Unite

Kevin de León. . is mounting a challenge to Senator Dianne Feinstein, arguing that she’s too willing to work with President Trump and out of touch with working-class voters. “It’s a tough race,” he admitted over an açaí bowl at a diner in San Diego.

Yeah, he’s totally in touch with working-class voters. They love discussing their shared love of açaí bowls with him.

I don’t happen to belong to a class that has even seen a photo of an açaí bowl, let alone eaten it. Maybe I should look for one while I’m in Seattle because I’m missing a cultural opportunity here.