Dr Seuss Is Cancelled

I thought this was a crazy rumor but no, it’s true. Dr Seuss is being cancelled. Dr Zeus! The ultra-sweet, extremely leftist Dr Seuss.

I’m off to the bookstore. I have 3 of the banned books, so I need to locate the other three. Thank goodness, I have them on paper. Digital copies of banned books are being stolen from people’s devices. It’s a great idea to have a paper copy of any book you want to be able to keep. (And a place to hide it, of course).

No $15 minimum wage, no college loan forgiveness, more “babies in cages,” bombing of Syria but at least he defeated books. Biden voters, I hope you got exactly what you wanted.

P.S. Little House on the Prairie will also be canceled. I will have to haul out half of the bookstore today. Unbelievable garbage. Americans, how could you? You are destroying your entire culture to please a few clearly insane idiots.

11 thoughts on “Dr Seuss Is Cancelled

      1. The books haven’t been banned. The owners have decided to stop selling them.

        Although one could argue that books as old as Dr. Seuss should be in the public domain by now.


          1. Copyright holders have stopped selling stuff since forever because there’s no money in it or they just don’t feel like selling the title anymore.

            It just means you have to look for second hand copies.


              1. It seems more like a calculated move by the Dr. Suess company that they can maintain sales of the remaining titles in their portfolio by demonstrating their commitment to wokeness.


              2. What does it change? Yes, they are acceding to avoid being hounded out of business. That doesn’t make things better. We are all acceding, and acceding, and acceding.


              3. At least Little House on the Prairie can’t be cancelled since it is out of copyright and not controlled by any corporation. Anyone can host it on their website or start selling print copies by mail order if they want to.


              4. Host it yourself on your own PC. Books require extremely minimal capacity. You don’t need some giant industrial server to host a couple of books.


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