Another Ban

Just as I started following Aimee Terese, who has a great Twitter account, she got banned.

The kind of really vicious, horrid stuff I’ve seen on Twitter – child pornography, death threats, rape threats doxxing, all sorts of perverted behavior – and they all stay up unmolested while the account that gets constantly banned is a woman who writes about the Left’s betrayal of working class interests.

Posting child pornography – yippee! Mentioning working class interests – BAN!

This is disgusting.

Suffering as Costume

If you talk to people in poor countries, you’ll hear how they are fortunate, lucky, how they are completely in control. The narrative of “I’m a miserable victim who just can’t catch a break” is used to trick dumb tourists out of money but it’s not for internal consumption.

It’s only the people who have known no true hardship who like to pose as victims. I hear somebody say not in jest “my trauma,” and I know that this is a person who has been very fortunate in life, but instead of celebrating that, cosplays a victim.

I mentioned this before, but I’ll never forget how absolutely stunned I was when an American told me, “how dare you ACCUSE somebody of having an easy life!” My immediate reaction was, “wow, I didn’t know she grew up rich.”

I know somebody who didn’t get to use an indoor toilet until he was 25 and grew up in a hut with a dirt floor. You should hear him narrate his life. He’s been truly blessed with the easiest, most triumphant, enjoyable, fortunate existence since the day he was born. Not a single trauma or microaggression marred his existence in a family of 11 living in one of the poorest countries on the planet.

For pampered people like that American lady, suffering is the costume they like to wear because it’s quaint and prestigious.