I Spy

Trump fought against Nordstream 2 for four years like a rabid beast. But we were supposed to believe he was Putin’s spy.

Biden goes to every length to give Putin the gift of Nordstream 2 but he isn’t Putin’s spy.

This is only one of the many ways our Democrat-voting friends have been deceived by their media and politicians.

Going Back

We are going 100% back to campus, no social distancing or COVID capacities in the Spring of 2022!


My faculty members will be over the freaking moon. We were preparing to battle it out for the few available classrooms if we were going to be forced to observe social distancing. And now I won’t have to deal with people thinking I hate them personally if I can’t schedule them to teach in person.

Everybody has learned something.

Where Real Art Lives

There’s a whole generation of talented young Spanish writers (mostly women but there are some men, too) who are saying, “we were sold a lie that freedom is all about being alone, unattached, not having a family or any property. Now we are in our thirties and we are miserable. This kind of freedom sucks. We’ve been robbed.”

“I have fancy trips to Thailand when my mother at this age had a kid, a husband, a mortgage, and a bunch of kitchen appliances. And guess what? I’m miserable in a way she never was,” one such artist writes.

Most importantly, these are talented artists. They are creating art that grows out of their disillusionment with the neoliberal idea of freedom from attachment, family, and property. They aren’t buying the Great Reset slogan of “you’ll own nothing and you’ll love it” because they already figured out that they are being had.

This is why I love Spanish literature. While their Anglo counterparts are still chewing the stale cud of identity, young Spanish artists are talking about things that matter. You pick up a novel by some random unknown kid in Spain, and it’s a punch in the gut.

My Side

Elizabeth Warren and Dick Durbin have spoken out against the egregious mistreatment of people detained on January 6th. In the meantime, Republicans are showing little interest in these detainees.

This is why I will never tie my identity to party tribalism. Getting emotionally attached to politicians or parties is deeply stupid. I’m attached to my principles and the well-being of myself and the people I care about.

Neurotic in a Mask

Yesterday on the playground there was one masked woman with a masked child. Everybody else was unmasked.

The woman spent an hour running after her kid and dragging her away from the unmasked children she tried to play with. Kids are cruel, so they started to play that the masked girl was a monster and tyey had to run away whenever she came close.

This isn’t about masks. It’s about a parent purposefully turning her kid into a pariah. I’m on the playgrounds a lot, and kids don’t care who’s masked and who isn’t. But they do notice neurotic, freakish behavior, and they are not kind. It would have been kinder on the masked mother’s part not to come to the playground at all.