American Dream Is Alive

So this place where we are staying is a large farm on a lake. They have horses, cows, buffalo, bison. The horses roam the place freely, and some of them used to be mustang and lived in the wilderness. Then they were adopted and now live on this farm.

There are also cottages for vacationers, an RV site, a bunch of campsites, a dock, a beach, and a mini-pier with a cafe is being built. And there are treehouses.

This is all owned by a Romanian family. They came to the US in 1977 for obvious reasons. Settled in California, had 9 kids. Then moved to rural Missouri for the kids, the schools, the affordability. By now the children have grown up and started their own families. But they all still live right here, next to their parents.

So four years ago – and this is the cutest part of the story – they all bought this farm together and started turning it into a vacation destination. Every family member does what he or she enjoys best. One takes care of the horses. Another is building. Yet another is driving the online sales.

I found out this whole story on the very first day because I bumped into the mother of the nine kids, the original immigrant with a thick accent, and she really warmed up to me once she heard I’m from Ukraine.

I swam in the lake for an hour, scaring everybody because people don’t believe the temperature of the water is survivable.

There Is No Cancel Culture

A guy who won Jeopardy three times in a row went on TV and raised three fingers to show off his three victories.

Immediately, several hundred Jeopardy contestants who didn’t win three times claimed that the fingers were a “white supremacist gesture.” There are no white supremacists to speak of, so anything can be deemed a “white supremacist something.” This is very convenient because you can easily destroy anybody who annoys you by having a nice day or enjoying a success you resent.

The Jeopardy guy is now abjectly apologizing. He’s terrified and confused. These things are happening daily. Daily. People are being destroyed, fired, humiliated over nothing. Just because somebody feels like destroying them. This is what the left has become. A pack of rabid hounds tearing some poor schmuck apart because he won some stupid TV contest.

Who Hates Their Country?

I can’t watch people suffering like this and not being able to figure it out. The reason why liberals (who tend to be wealthier than non-liberals) ritualistically express hatred towards their country is the same as why they send their kids to expensive schools that teach woke slogans.

They are trying to improve their value on the job market.

Liquid capital values workers who have no attachment to place, country and culture. Loud and repetitive denunciations of one’s country – it’s bad, it’s racist, it’s the worst – are meant to make it easier to accept the reality where country is not a meaningful concept.

That’s why they topple statues, cancel the canon, and destroy the artistic achievements. It’s easier to let go of something shitty than of something great. They are moving to a world without nation-states and are trying to make it hurt less.

It’s painful to see people endlessly name the phenomenon, as if that explained something. “They think the country is bad! It’s not true but they still think it!” Yes, obviously. The interesting question is why.

Happy International Woke Worker’s Day.