Formerly Normal

A guy I know told me that if I don’t get vaccinated for COVID, this will cause an outbreak of polio. Two women I know think that the gas shortages on the East Coast have to do with toilet paper.

These used to be completely normal people.

No Info

I really hate that one can’t find information on anything anymore. It’s all propaganda. You have to develop a secondary career in whatever field covers the subject you want to understand, or you’ll just be lied to and bamboozled.

Take the current situation in Israel. I’d love to know what happened. But all I get from any source is partisan sloganeering. I don’t care who’s “the real Nazi.” I simply want facts. I don’t have time or energy to become a specialist in Middle Eastern affairs. It’s enough that I spent a year reading about spike proteins, furin cleaves, and gain of function research just to know what activities to do with my kid. I just want to get information. But there’s no information anymore. It’s dead.

I kind of got addicted to fitness sites because everything is so simple and non-ideological. I can’t tell a bench press from a dumbbell press but the non-partisan simplicity of the whole thing is mesmerizing.

Origins of COVID

Here’s a long article on the origins of COVID-19. It’s becoming more and more impossible to deny that the virus was created in the Wuhan Virology Lab as part of a study financed by the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), a part of the U.S. National Institutes of Health (NIH) under the guidance of Anthony Fauci.

I’ve known all this for a year but people are so bamboozled, it’s all news to them.

School Shooting in Kazan

Eight people are dead and twenty-one seriously wounded in a school shooting in Russia. Russia has very strict gun control laws which has done absolutely nothing for the extremely high levels of violence. Of course, Putin is using this tragedy to enhance the already strict gun control laws because it’s a great pretext.

I’m only posting this because I’m tired of the Americans believing they are such special cookies that only they experience this kind of thing.

Natural Medicine

Is anybody here into natural medicine? We could share our favorite recipes.

For instance, Klara had the sniffles and a bit of a cough. N added some drops of eucalyptus essential oil to her bath, and age woke up healthy the next day. An alternative method is to bake a whole onion and leave it in the bedroom overnight, but that’s cruel. Or you could boil some potatoes and inhale the vapor. This is great for bronchitis.

If a kid is running around somewhere in nature and scrapes her knee, pick a plantago leaf and put it on the wound. The wound will heal a lot faster.

If you got varicose veins, pick some lilac leaves (not flowers, leaves), put them in a mason jar, pour vodka to cover the leaves, and let stand for a week in a dark, cool place. Then rub the whole thing into your legs, top to bottom.

This Presidency Sucks

The most recent job report sucks. Gas prices are 30% up since December, and now there are gas shortages. Inflation. Everything is getting more expensive. There are more “kids in cages” than ever. Several 5-year-old girls were found by the border yesterday, tossed like garbage, and there’s no plan to do anything about it. The peace in the Middle East is broken. The peace in Ukraine is under the biggest threat since 2015. Pfizer is preparing to “vaccinate” 12-year-olds for a disease they don’t get. Many schools are still not open. There are still race riots. Central America went from cautiously liking us to hating us within a few months. Crime rates are exploding.

Honestly, this presidency sucks. This is a bunch of idiotic, bumbling, incoherent people who believe that babbling stupidly about “equity” will substitute for actual action.