Another Suspicious Book

Now Random House has dropped Richard Cohen’s new book History Makers for some silly woke reason. I’ll have to order it shipped from the UK, which is a hassle.


Israel Demands

OK, stop evictions, definitely. I finally read up on these evictions, and they are utterly insane. Lower tensions, fine, although nobody understands what that means because it’s vague. But cancel the parade is ludicrous.

This is typical of the Biden administration. It starts with saying something eminently reasonable, then proceeds to drown it in a sea of vague, meaningless verbiage, and then culminates with something completely nuts. In the end, nothing gets done because the reasonable part of the conversation has been erased by the crazy part.

Whiny Oligarchy

I’m sure it’s true people said terrible things about Michelle Obama. I’m sure they still do. Just like people said terrible things about Melania. I said them myself, and I stand by them.

Cruel, mean comments are the price that celebrities pay for living in unimaginable opulence. And it’s such a tiny, insignificant price. It’s deeply annoying that they have the gall to whine about such a silly little thing. We have the whiniest, most pathetic oligarchy in history.