Shuggie Advice

Has anybody read Shuggie Bain? The Booker Prize winner? Is it any good? Should I read it?

I’m a person with a reading list from here to eternity, so I have to pick wisely.

4 thoughts on “Shuggie Advice

  1. I haven’t, but a friend has. He loved it and, knowing I’m a Roddy Doyle fan, recommended it. Of course, Roddy Doyle is Irish, and Douglas Stuart is Scottish, but whatever. Normally I’d say that because it won a major prize, it’s probably boring and shit. But my friend has great taste, so I say go for it!


    1. Addendum: I see his new book is written, and that it’s about ‘toxic masculinity.’ Sigh. I dunno. This is a coin flip.


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