Harm Done

When people feel “harmed” by the presence of Ben Shapiro and start apologizing for the “painfully clear” and weighty decision to inflict the atrocious damage of a nerdy Jew’s appearance at an event, it’s a sign that something went really wrong somewhere.

3 thoughts on “Harm Done

  1. Normally, I find the guy a bit irritating. But when you refer to him as a “nerdy Jew” I actually like him more 😀

    Can’t help it. Nerdy is my type. You’d totally understand if you met my husband. Or any guy I’d ever even had a crush on.

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  2. “When people feel “harmed” by the presence of Ben Shapiro”

    To be perfectly honest…. his voice does feel a bit like ice picks jabbing in my ears… and the smug self-satisfied delivery is pretty off-putting (even when I agree with him, which is by no means all the time).

    But ‘harm’ in woke-speak reminds me a lot of ritual purity…. they’ve allowed an impure, tainted being into a sacred space and since they don’t have a religion worked out they don’t have the rituals to get rid of his defiling presence….


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