True Detective

True Detective is a brilliant show. Beautifully made. Such talent. Of course, there’s the requisite propaganda: the guy who is against globalism and for school choice turns out to be a murderer pedophile. But there’s always propaganda, what can you do?

We are watching the first season but I heard the second sucked. Should we skip it and go to the third? Or is that not great either?

Before True Detective we tried watching Peaky Blinders. But it was so corny, repetitive and stupidly woke that we gave up. As I said, there’s propaganda everywhere but at least in True Detective it’s not all there is.

4 thoughts on “True Detective

  1. “True Detective ”

    Have you seen the Spanish movie “La Isla Minima”? It was begun before True Detective though released afterward.
    Very similar in local and overall plot but very good on its own…

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  2. I actually enjoyed all three seasons. They are different from one another and have different feels, but I think they are all worth viewing. Season 2 has a noir feel, and in it Colin Farrell and Rachel McAdams are excellent, while Vince Vaughn is trying his best but is ultimately miscast. Season 3 is freshest in my mind, and I enjoyed it. I think people don’t emotionally connect with stories about organized-crime victims (Season 2) as much as they do with stories about murdered girls (Seasons 1 and 3), which IMHO is the real reason why Season 2 is supposedly a let-down. I recommend you watch them all. They are basically three independent season-long detective shows.

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