Denying Culture

A friend wrote an article about the former Soviet Republic of Azerbaijan. Yes, I know, boring, but bear with me, it will get very interesting.

In her research, she established that after the collapse of the USSR the traditional heavily patriarchal structures of Azerbaijan came back in full force. The Soviets had driven them underground, to an extent, but after the Soviets went away, Azeris jumped headlong into what was their traditional way of being: women were beaten, treated like cattle, forced into arranged marriages yet were fully complicit with this way of life.

Nobody wants to publish this article because it contradicts the fantasy life of well-fed American academics.

It doesn’t matter if you spent a lot of time in Azerbaijan doing research, interviewing actual human beings, and analyzing your findings. American academics have decided that cultural differences don’t exist and everybody is a miniature American, wanting what Americans want and doing what Americans do. So the only publishable thing you can write about Azerbaijan is that Azeri women are fighting for their liberation from patriarchal strictures even when you know for a fact they are doing no such thing.

I mean, if Americans are into affirmative consent, the rest of the world can’t possibly not be obsessed with it.

The stubborn refusal to believe in the existence of cultural differences puts humongous limitations on research.

More on Ukrainian Pride


The police are there to protect the gay marchers, obviously. And they did their job very well. This is very touching.

I just wanted to share some positive news pertaining to gay rights on this day. Love will prevail in the end!

Ukrainian Pride

Ukrainians, in the meantime, did manage to hold their Pride. Two participants were attacked by haters but they are fine. The law enforcement worked very hard to make the Pride happen.

This is a huge deal in a deeply homophobic society that is struggling to move towards civilization and away from barbarity. I never thought I would see the day when this would be possible.

Muslims or Guns?

Of course, now half the country will moan, “Evil Muslims!” and the other half will wail, “Evil guns!” And nobody will have a minute to spare for a discussion of violence against women because it’s never the right time to talk about it.

The Orlando terrorist, by the way, reportedly turned to terror after he saw two men kissing. A man who demeans himself by voluntarily accepting the “lowly” female status was so intolerable for this vicious animal to observe that he blew up in an even greater violent rage.

And now, after this brief interlude, please proceed to the discussion of Muslims / guns as suits your fancy. I already saw somebody report that the killer had “a Muslim name”, whatever that even means. That same person (who probably would never refer to himself as having “a Christian name”) then easily segued into a condemnation of guns, making a bid for both halves of the national audience. That’s true mastery, folks.

Women First

Of course, there is some very typical and obvious woman-hatred in the lives of all of these terrorists. It’s when pummeling on some God-forsaken broad becomes too boring that these freaks of nature begin shooting into crowds.


Note how the ex-wife is still defending the terrorist even after his death.