And now they are singing “We Shall Overcome.” I never expected to be so touched by anything happening in the Congress.

Dems Sit In

Hey, I missed something cool, it seems! Democrats are sitting in to defend something they believe in. A bunch of old, crusty and cynical folks decided not to be old and crusty for a moment. This is great!

I credit Bernie for rejuvenating the party and showing these people that it’s possible not to be an irrelevant old fart.

Back to Work

So I’m working on my research in my study, and the nanny is with Klara in the next room that doesn’t even have a door separating it from where I am. And still I feel like somebody is cutting me into pieces with a rusty chainsaw. “Work” mostly consists of staring at the screen and trying not to cry.

Daycare, yeah, right. It will take me at least another year to get ready for daycare. And I don’t think anything better than that can be expected from somebody with my history.

More on the OJ Documentary

I wasn’t here when it happened, so the OJ documentary I’m watching is eye-opening. It becomes clear just how beaten down and disaffected people must be to imagine the freedom to slaughter human beings of a disgusting, rich creep who wouldn’t be caught dead in their company as a sort of a personal vindication. My heart breaks for those poor, poor people cheering in the streets for a filthy rich killer.

It’s also shocking how cold and cynical the two female jurors featured in the documentary are. It is even more shocking how rabidly they hate women or men they see as feminized (“weak.”) 

Whenever two poor folks are at each other’s throats, there is always some wealthy grifter laughing all the way to the bank on their backs.

Forced Analogies

I’m so tired of forced analogies. They give people a false feeling of understanding the situation while clarifying nothing at all.

“This is just like Hitler!”

“This is just like Mussolini!”

And today even a truly bizarre “Trump is just like Savonarola and this is just like the Renaissance!” in the NY TIMES.

Why not say “everything is just like everything else!” already and be done with it?

Imaginary Accusations

I should stop reading the review section of the NYTimes because it’s populated by crowds of whiny, dumb people I do everything to avoid in RL. Here is one more example:

I am an opinionated woman so I am often accused of being angry. This accusation is made. . .

I’m also an opinionated woman. I’m also as angry as the day is long. It would have never occurred to me to see the beautiful, healthy, productive quality of knowing how to externalize anger as “an accusation.”

People should try to analyze their own speech patterns and they will discover how much of what they see as universal or externally generated has an internal locus of control. All of this disapproval, judgment, accusations, criticisms that people believe otehrs direct at them comes solely from inside of their own selves. Everybody else is too busy accusing, judging and criticizing themselves that they have zero time to notice you even exist.