Under the Desk

When Marissa Mayer, now chief executive of Yahoo, reported that when she was in Google’s employ, she slept under her desk, one disgusted feminist, Sarah Leonard, wrote, “If feminism means the right to sleep under my desk, then screw it.”

No, dumbass. It means the right to have a desk and to choose where you sleep. It also means the right not to be an uneducated, stupid airhead who is viciously jealous of other women’s lives, but you are free from exercising that right if you feel like it.

P.S. If you read the linked article, you will see that its main argument is that stable jobs and careers are obsolete and we should all have fluid successions of jobs that we can pop in and out of and leave aside for years until we feel like picking them back up. This is one more bit of evidence that people welcome fluidity and angrily clamor for it.

Rauner Hates Trees and Flowers

Over the years, I published several photos of the beautiful Gardens that our university maintains on campus. The Gardens are enjoyed by hikers, bikers (the sporty kind, not the creepy ones), picnickers, and, of course, professors of botanical sciences who conduct much or their teaching there.

Of course, the state of Illinois still refuses to honor its obligations to us. We have no money and won’t be able to maintain the beautiful, unique Gardens. If we are lucky, the town will agree to pay for the Gardens to be maintained. But if not, then they might just die.

Amazon Gives out Money?

Amazon gave me $250 in “Apple ebooks anti-trust settlement.” What’s up with that, does anyone know? I don’t mind an extra $250 in books, of course. It will be almost like having book money from my university – something I never had and clearly never will at this school.

Cautiously Optimistic

The most recent nanny asked if I could pay her once a week instead of once every two weeks. This is a question of somebody who actually needs a job. This is the first time I feel a connection to one of the applicants because I know very well what it is like when it matters a lot to get paid more often because you are constantly putting out small financial fires caused by the absence of even the smallest money cushion. And two weeks is an endless stretch of time to wait to be paid.

The Myth of Incrementalism

What we kept hearing throughout the campaign is that Clinton supporters reject Bernie’s suggestions because they are hard to implement and too lofty in their purpose for our pedestrian and incrementalist minds. The truth, however, is that Bernie’s college plan is very easy to implement. The process of destroyong academic self-governance and expanding the number of administrators who are invested with an ever-growing capacity to control professors and make our lives difficult has been under way for years. There is nothing audacious or ground-breaking in speeding this process up some more. 

This is why when I hear the word “incrementalism”, I know I’m talking to somebody who is not smart and gets all his information from stupid places like Twitter and Mahablog. But hey, what a great attempt at branding: attach the word “incrementalism” to the opposing side and you never even have to read yoru own damn proposals. The Other is the evildoer, so you must be in the right.

Getting Upset with Bernie

And now even I am getting upset with Bernie. The following statement makes me cringe with vicarious shame:

Secretary Clinton has come up, as usual, with a very complicated and convoluted approach on higher education. You got to spend half your life filling out forms and checking your income every day.

Hillary’s college plan is intelligent and thought out. And Bernie’s plan is simply bad. It’s bad not because it’s hard to put into practice. It’s actually very easy to implement. But because it is not thought out and full of unconnected, unintelligent gimmicks that look nice to people who have zero understanding of higher ed. In reality, though, they are a disaster.

Bernie lost the nomination not because anybody conspired against him and evil superdelegates something something. But because he didn’t do the work. He’s into grand visions but the grunt work of preparing an intelligent, meaningful reform plan bores him and, apparently, everybody in his campaign as well. Hillary’s college plan looks complicated to him because it’s nuanced. It’s sad that nobody in his inner circle has managed to tell him the truth about how bad his own plan is.

Sarkozy Sucks Dick. Literally.

Sarkozy is such a piece of useless garbage. At the Russian economic forum in St Petersburg, he’s been pathetically eager to flatter Putin and condemn the sanctions. Only the most ridiculous fools have gone to that forum where Putin pretends Russia has something other than the same exhausted state-planned economy of forever ago.