We are watching a TV show called Scandal, and what a great show it is!  Interesting, complex female characters! Crowds of damaged, vulnerable men. This never happens on television. How great to see something so different and refreshing.

The Swiss Are Smart

The Swiss have overwhelmingly rejected the pernicious idea of a basic income. Smart people!

It’s going to happen anyway at some point in the future, I’m afraid, but at least it’s not going to start right now.

Ryan’s Agony

The agonized writhing of Paul Ryan who finally endorsed Trump only to be smacked in the face with “my African American” and “the judge, we believe, is Mexican” is delicious to observe. The fellow has, for some bizarre reason, been given an entirely undeserved reputation of a decent person and is tortured by sad, failed attempts to live up to it. As a result, he constantly looks like somebody suffering from an enormous intestinal tapeworm.

Russian Trolls and the Damn Emails

Have you wondered why the inane scandal with Hillary’s emails refuses to die? A big part of it is that Putin’s army of Internet trolls is manipulating your favorite information outlet into keeping this non-story alive.

Of course, as the great Russian poet Alexander Pushkin said, it isn’t hard to dupe those who are desperate to be duped.

The Tragic Spiral of Latin America

Sweet Jesus! Peru is about to elect the disgusting daughter of the disgusting Fujimori. I can’t believe Latin America is slipping into yet another round of dictatorships, corrupt oligarchy, hopelessness, and oppression. This time, the US has been leaving Latin Americans very much alone. Who will they blame now for their horrible existence?

Please understand that I’m writing this with the profound sorrow of somebody who loves the Hispanic culture a lot more than I’m capable of loving my own. It saddens me to no end to see that, yet again, there is no hope for anything better in Latin America.