It’s Always 1984 in Russia 

Even the most brainwashed Russians are getting antsy. Yesterday, all they heard was that Turkey is evil, Turkish resorts are dangerous, Turkish tomatoes are rotten, and Turkish textiles are low-quality. For hours each day they listened to stories about evil Turkey, bad tomatoes, and dangerous resorts. 

And then today they are hearing that Turkey is great, tomatoes are tasty, textiles are chic, and resorts are super safe. This is too 1984 even for them. Russian Facebook is plastered with confused queries as to what one should really think about the tomatoes. Because deciding on one’s own if they taste right is clearly unthinkable. 

I’m almost feeling sorry for the poor freaks.

Wednesday Link Encyclopedia

If you are planning on having diabetes, make sure you are rich. Otherwise, you are screwed and government officials will be happy to let you know just how much.

And this is how Russia fights terrorism. I’m sure Snowden fans will love it.

Russia’s secret services harass US diplomats around the world.

Is Airbnb turning into a scourge of peaceful owners and renters? Here is one disturbing example.

Rental detectives. Very disturbing.

Has upper middle class really grown so enormously?

The most powerful explosive bombs in the world apart from the nuclear bomb are being used against civilians right at this moment.

And this is yet another endearing feature of the fluid world. Creepy as hell, folks. A psychoanalyst would have a field day with this shit.

Remember Assange? He is still stuck at the Embassy of Ecuador. I wonder how come Putin didn’t want him.

Reflection is now in Google Playstore with a new cover! It will be so cool for Klara to read it one day because there are several more generations of Klaras in there.

No Change

Bernie is as immutable as ever. In today’s NY TIMES article he writes,

The median male worker in America today is making $726 less than he did in 1973, while the median female worker is making $1,154 less than she did in 2007.

Because women did not exist back in 1973. They appeared in 2007 with the sole purpose of proving some point about men. 

Putin and Erdogan 

Putin and Erdogan made up and now are best buddies again. The official Russian media are filled with praise for “our Turkish colleague and partner.”

Of course, it’s better for the world that these two aging hysterics are not at each other’s throats but the unpredictability of their mood swings is disturbing.