Wednesday Link Encyclopedia

If you are planning on having diabetes, make sure you are rich. Otherwise, you are screwed and government officials will be happy to let you know just how much.

And this is how Russia fights terrorism. I’m sure Snowden fans will love it.

Russia’s secret services harass US diplomats around the world.

Is Airbnb turning into a scourge of peaceful owners and renters? Here is one disturbing example.

Rental detectives. Very disturbing.

Has upper middle class really grown so enormously?

The most powerful explosive bombs in the world apart from the nuclear bomb are being used against civilians right at this moment.

And this is yet another endearing feature of the fluid world. Creepy as hell, folks. A psychoanalyst would have a field day with this shit.

Remember Assange? He is still stuck at the Embassy of Ecuador. I wonder how come Putin didn’t want him.

Reflection is now in Google Playstore with a new cover! It will be so cool for Klara to read it one day because there are several more generations of Klaras in there.

35 thoughts on “Wednesday Link Encyclopedia

  1. Not related to any linked items, but this is in the local (Phoenix area) and national news:

    Bill Clinton just did Hillary’s honesty/trustworthiness image a big favor by meeting privately with Attorney General Loretta Lynch in a private airplane at the Phoenix airport. Apparently, Bill Clinton learned that she would be arriving in Phoenix and went there specifically to talk with her.

    Lynch says that they didn’t discuss any government issues (like the on-going criminal investigation of Hillary), just small talk about “grandchildren” and “golf.”

    I’m sure Bill went well out of his way just to ask the AG about her grandchildren.


    1. Some left-wing pundits have suggested that Trump keeps saying ridiculous things because he secretly doesn’t want to win — knows he’s really not up to the job of being President.

      Could it be that Bill Clinton secretly doesn’t want to end up playing second banana to another President Clinton? 🙂


    2. The only time I saw that lady speak was when she was having fits over transgender toilets. She seemed not altogether there mentally.

      As for that investigation, it’s more of a yawn than even golf. 😴


      1. I agree that you’ll never see Hillary in a standard prison orange jumpsuit. They don’t issue them that big.


          1. Stringer Boy, ladies and Gentleman. He’s so full of hatred toward people whose political views differ from his that he confuses humor with “seethe” and “raging.”

            Stringer’s the one who’s scared shitless that Hillary might lose, or that Trump might win. (I personally don’t care that much either way.)


            1. “He’s so full of hatred toward people whose political views differ from his that he confuses humor with “seethe” and “raging.””

              lol. You sound calm.

              Looky here, Dreidel attempted a ‘funny’. Let’s all give him a round of applause. He tried. Oh, he tried.


        1. Huh? Hillary Clinton is hardly obese. When she was young, she was quite svelte and now she just has an average body. Is it a thing among conservatives to comment on her weight? I’m honestly surprised. I have never thought of her as heavy.


          1. They are so incapable of coming up with any legitimate criticisms of her that any old silliness goes. It’s sad, really.

            But good for us because we are winning this election.


          2. “Relax liberals, can’t you take a joke??! And what’s the deal with airline food? So, a polack walks into a bar..

            Thank you, thank you. I’ll be here all week. Try the beef wellington, and don’t forget to tip your waitress.”

            I also like how this moron has google alerts set up for ‘Benghazi’ and ‘Hillary email’. I’m sure he thinks he’s so well-informed.


          3. “Fat” in this context is code for “does not please my boner aesthetically”.
            Whether that overlaps with actually being fat is irrelevant.


  2. Two posts about:

    История одной песни: “Zog Nit Keyn Mol” / “Никогда не говори никогда” / “Гимн еврейских партизан”

    Loved Перевод А.Бартгейл (at the end of the first post)

    A psychologist wrote a book “after having consulted with 150 young Muslim clients in therapy and 100 Danish clients (who, on average, shared the same age and social background as their Muslim inmates).” What I found interesting were the parts of this post subtitled “Anger” – “Honor” (including). Everything before and the final part “Consequences of failed integration?” are better not to be read.


  3. Oi, forgot to share this new blog I liked ( in Russian):

    A funny story:

    Когда-то давно я читала советский сборник коротких рассказов малоизвестных советских писателей. Писатели не запомнились, рассказы тоже не очень, за исключением одного.

    Modern Day Activism (a funny photo in English)


  4. Another, completely different blog I love is this:

    Today she published



  5. It’s funny how everybody explains Brexit смотря со своей колокольни. Here:

    Скептики сетуют, что социалисты, потерпев сокрушительный провал с проектом “Советский Союз”, сделали ставку на другой союз – Европейский. Даже если это преувеличение, то родилось оно не на пустом месте. Социалистические веяния во многих западноевропейских странах очевидны. Кому нужен социалистический Евросоюз?

    Понятно и то, что за Brexit проголосовало в основном старшее поколение британцев, еще помнящих социалистические эксперименты в нацистской Германии и в коммунистическом СССР. В отличие от них юное поколение британцев воспринимает подобные угрозы абстрактно, в книжно-историческом варианте.


  6. 2 news from Israel:


    Hillel Yafa Ariel, a 13 year old Israeli girl, has died of her wounds after a [17-year-old] terrorist broke into her house in Kiryat Arba and stabbed her in her bed Thursday morning.

    He then attempted to stab a 31-year-old man who is a part of the of settlement’s civil security squad. The man was able to shoot the terrorist to death.


    Nine Israeli citizens entered Ramallah Wednesday evening on their own accord. Young Palestinians who noticed them then hurled Molotov cocktails at their cars, lighting one of them on fire.

    The nine arrived for a break the fast meal at the end of the Ramadan fast at a well-known Palestinian’s home who is working to strengthen ties between leftist Israelis and Palestinians. There is a suspicion that the young people knew about the arrival of the Israelis ahead of time and waited to attack them and their cars.

    The IDF spokesperson said that the nine were passed over to the Israeli security services for further questioning.


    1. Stringer Boy must be doing a happy dance. His terrorist butcher BFFs have scored another kill.

      How’s your personal BDS program coming along, Stringer? Or do you donate to Hamas directly?


      1. lol, you should put a muzzle on yourself. It’ll save you so much money on the drycleaning bills, from all that foaming at the mouth that you do all day.


        1. This is so strange but my app is not showing me Dreidel’s comments in this thread. I only realize they exist because other people refer to them.

          Dreidel, I think the app doesn’t consider what you have to say in this thread to be very valuable.


          1. Well, Clarissa, you respond to my comments on other threads, so you obviously see them. What kind of strange app do you have that only does whatever it does on only one thread on your blog?


  7. \Reflection is now in Google Playstore with a new cover! It will be so cool for Klara to read it one day because there are several more generations of Klaras in there.

    What Reflection? I can’t follow the link since “Books on Google Play is not available in your country yet.”


  8. “Is it a thing among conservatives to comment on her weight?”

    It is a thing among conservatives to hate women. In their little minds, a woman’s worth lies entirely in her looks. Not her accomplishments, not her education, just looks. Which is why they think that jokes about women’s looks are the ultimate insult. Nothing could be more devastating to a woman than a put-down about how unfuckable (to them) she is.

    Don’t forget what John McCain, regarded as an elder statesman of the GOP now tut-tutting at the vulgarities of Donald Trump, said about Chelsea Clinton when she was a teenager in the White House.

    “Do you know why Chelsea Clinton is so ugly?” Because Janet Reno is her father.”


    1. I’ve always wondered about the weirdos who come by the blog and try to insult me with a “You are fat!” They clearly expect some emotional reaction and don’t even seem to realize that to me there is no difference between “you are fat” and “today is Thursday.” It’s so easy to get to me – just praise Rauner or mention “the civil war in Ukraine”, yet they choose such a ridiculous and ineffective method. Weirdos.


  9. Брексит в Роттерхэме

    Something in the following post does not sound correct, even though he is seemingly logical:

    Скажем, в Израиле на систему “Железный купол”, сбивающую кустарные ракеты из Газы, потрачено больше денег, чем на все мероприятия по предотвращению дорожного травматизма и смертности – при том, что в ее отсутствие смертность от ракет вряд ли составила сотую часть от смертности от аварий. Кроме того, эти деньги отняты у больных раком или жертв инсульта. А учитывая, что в медицине и дорожной безопасности эффективность использования денег рассчитана и много выше – эта система убила десятки детей на дорогах, десятки людей с рецидивом рака, десятки не довезенных Скорой сосудистых больных.

    Но, как мы видим, тут не только обман со стороны политиков – похоже, в мозгах людей тут принципиальный таракан. Которого надо вытравить, если мы хотим выжить.


    1. Baby steps. Maybe the psychological benefits he obviously gained from being with somebody like this are finally waning. Which is a good thing; perhaps he’s getting healthier mentally and is finally able to see her for who she really is: a lazy bum.


      1. I’d believe this if he divorced her like he clearly wants to and/or downgraded their lifestyle instead of writing an anonymous letter in a newspaper about wanting to maintain the same lifestyle. It’s unlikely, from what he describes of her work history, that even if she’d made a real effort, that her net full time income would make up for his down-scaling at work. Certainly not with knowledge jobs like they both trained for, and years to decades long gaps he describes. Downgrading I can see, but expecting to maintain the same standard of living is delusional.


        1. Maybe, but at this point he’s just asking her to make a good faith effort to contribute whatever she can.

          “I would feel less used and alone if you pitched in financially, even a little.”


          1. Also in the text:

            “… I often dream of leaving my firm for a less demanding position, with you making up any financial deficit with a job – even a modest one – of your own.”

            “I want you to work so I can get a different position and we can still maintain a similar standard of living.”

            “That’s not going to happen. It has become clear that you are OK with my working myself to death at a high-stress career that I increasingly hate, as long as you don’t have to return to the workforce.”

            Either 1)the status quo kills him 2)they get divorced and have a lower standard of living because two households cost more than one 2)she goes back to work, he cuts back and their standard of living goes down because she’s been out for god knows how long, 3) he finds a different job that’s less stressful and she doesn’t work.

            He is not at the point where he could wait a few years for her income to come back up. He already resents the fact she never took any high paying lawyer jobs at any point and has for a long time.

            “But mostly I want you to get a job because I want to feel loved.”

            Dude, just get divorced, you’re not going to feel loved if she suddenly starts working after you chat with her. You are way too fed up.

            I’ve known gender reversed versions of this. It was never just “my husband doesn’t have a job of any kind”. The men did not take care of the house or the kids and were emotionally abusive. After the divorces, the men found jobs in their fields almost immediately. They did not pay and do not pay child support and they do not have primary custody. They don’t maintain contact with their children. Of course these marriages were not decades long.


      2. You can’t solve a problem with strategy by changing your tactic. What job is she going to find at 50 after 25 years out of the workplace? Clearly, she’ll find nothing that will make financial difference for people like them. If he wanted a wife who’d share the financial burden, their entire strategy from the start had to be completely different.


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