Duped by Propaganda

From my celebrity Facebook, I discovered that there is a huge economic forum going on in Russia. At the forum, Putin declared that the US is the world’s only superpower.

The poor bugger is convinced that Americans are eagerly awaiting this statement and will experience such triumphant joy on hearing it that they will remove the sanctions. I almost feel sorry for the old creep who has come to believe his own lie about a struggle between Russia and the US for the title of the world’s superpower. Just like 3 years ago he convinced himself half of Ukraine wanted to become part of Russia.

Propaganda is dangerous because when it’s good, its own authors start believing it.

Compensatory Mechanisms of Middle Age

After putting the baby to sleep for the night, I eat berries from a big orange bowl and read celebrity Facebook.

Mini-link Encyclopedia

Famous authors pick their favorite European novels. Very interesting and unexpected. I never read most of them, to be honest.

[Video] Toilet discussions used to harrass and silence women. Outrageous.

Hans Fallada is finally being translated into English. That’s great news!

A propos our dog discussion, this is what dog lovers have done to dogs out of sheer love.

Russians and Trump

It’s clear as day why Russians broke into the DNC servers. Trump is hiding many things he is afraid might come to light during the election. The Russians are trying to help by finding out what the Dems have on him. Let’s not forget that Manafort was Putin’s employee in the Yanukovich campaign.