Saturday Morning

Saturday mornings are mother-daughter times for us. Today, we’ve been to the farmers’ market (which held absolutely nothing of interest) and then on to the French bakery for coffee and macaroons. Klara loves going to adult places. 


9 thoughts on “Saturday Morning”

  1. She looks skeptical .Was she pushing the drink away or was she going to pull it toward her? Also which QB will they compare to Klara in the future?


      1. Quarterback, aka the lead offensive player on the football team. Klara’s blue shirt says “Future Quarterback”.


        1. Oh, right! I’m totally out of it. I have a strong suspicion we stole the shirt but I don’t remember from whom or where. But she loves playing with her football more than about any other ball, so anything is possible. We have a huge collection of balls of all shapes and sizes because she adores them.


    1. I think it’s gotten lighter because she’s been in the sun. That’s what my hair always did at the end of a summer. And then it would get darker in winter.


  2. Klara’s body language is totally like an executive who’s determined to finish off that coffee before she goes to deal with that troublesome client again.

    Are her eyes extremely blue or is that a trick of the light?


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