This is one of the rare times that I don’t envy the environment in the world of business. At my work, we are practically exhorted to take students out to view the eclipse instead of teaching regular classes. 

But this feeling is as rare as the eclipse. Just an example. We had a 2,5-hour all-faculty meeting on Friday. A huge group of people, free coffee, free food, the eve of the new academic year, finally we have a budget and can pay for academic travel and other good stuff. You’d think anybody could get people energized and excited under these circumstances. At least, you should get me excited because I don’t require all that much. But no. It didn’t look like a single person got a shot of energy out of it. 

(It used to be different back when I first came here but the administrators who knew how to do this have all left).

It’s beyond unfair that I work among such a large collectivity, and I have to do all this for myself.  All of my motivation, energy, drive and fire have to come from within. And it’s tiresome. 

In contrast, you should experience the environment at my sister’s business. The air is crackling with energy. People look happy to be there and convinced that what they do has value. Nobody mopes. Or at least not 💯% of the time. So yes, I envy that. 


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