Fell Flat

When people tell me how much they enjoy / anticipate going back to normal, I make this little joke, saying, “So. When do you think China is planning to release the next virus in its lineup?”

Strangely, nobody is finding the joke funny. It cracks me up every time but all I get from the audience are dirty looks.

11 thoughts on “Fell Flat

    1. Right? What if this was just the first, very mild trial balloon? Who said they aren’t genetically engineering a bubonic plague that kills certain ethnicities?


      1. I lived in Hong Kong from 1981-83. Many Chinese had fled Mao in 1949. My friends told me about it! It is not a pretty history –and not a pretty thought on what’s happening. And the West goes blithely along….

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  1. I genuinely do not understand the dirty looks!? — unless they are indicative of people wanting to bury their heads in sands and live in denial.

    It is an acknowledged fact (and/or common sensical conclusion), despite the corrupt WHO shenanigans, that China’s WIV is the source of the outbreak — given this background, it raises the possibility of a repeat occurrence from a mere Hollywood-style conspiracy theory to a real tangible threat. Based on my dogged readings of hard-to-penetrate scientific articles, even the number of variants (aka mutations) of this virus are unnaturally large over the time period elapsed — typically viruses mutate so rapidly in response to biological or epidemiological pressures when they are starved for number of potential hosts or climates to survive (both of which have been copiously available to SARS-COV-2 since the outset of the outbreak).

    It is crucial to acknowledge these potential threats in order to be better prepared against future outbreaks, even if no world organization or international coalition has the balls to hold China accountable for the lost year and lives.

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    1. Another question that nobody is asking is why didn’t China suffer from COVID? Why did COVID not spread throughout the country? Why were there so few deaths? Why was there never a second and third wave, like everywhere else? Why is the source country spared like this?

      And most importantly, why is nobody asking these questions? Nine deaths in a gigantic, tightly packed Beijing with its unbreathable air? How is that not an interesting question to discuss?


      1. Exactly. And all those full emergency care/hospital parking lots in/around Wuhan in mid-2019… ?

        At the very least, China obscured the information about the “accidental” leak from the world community in its insanity to continue questionable (bio-weapon?) research, even if it did not deliberately leak it.


      2. It seems clear China doctored their numbers a bit and as an authoritarian state they were able to impose and enforce a brutally strict lockdown and travel restrictions. They sealed off regions of the country from each other and were extremely restrictive in letting people into the country. I have a friend who teaches at an international school in southern China. She was on vacation in Thailand when everything started and she got trapped in Thailand for nine months because China was only allowing citizens to enter for that period of time. Even though she had a valid resident permit for China, she was not allowed to return from Thailand. When she finally did get to go back, they had to do a COVID test before getting on the plane, the plane was met by workers in full hazmat suits who loaded everyone from the plane onto a bus and took them all to a hotel. She had to stay locked in a hotel room for two weeks, workers in hazmat suits brought food and bottled water to her door each day, and there were armed soldiers outside the hotel to prevent anyone from leaving before their two weeks was up. I don’t think anyone in the west enforced their quarantines with machine guns.

        BTW, I think my friend is crazy for teaching in China given the system there. She taught at international schools in South America and Europe before going to China.


        1. Canada still has provinces on lockdown and regions within some provinces. None of this has had the slightest effect on the spread. Canada still locks travellers up in detention facilities when they get off an airplane. No effect.

          There are no mitigation measures that have been able to stop the spread. Still, there has been no spread in China. So. . . might it be something other than machine guns that’s making this virus so safe for the Chinese?


  2. OT (not entirely…):

    Well we now know what’s going to take the place of all the small independent businesses that have been destroyed…. or more precisely…. we knew, we just didn’t such clear confirmation….


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