Germans and Brits

Maybe it wasn’t the best idea to bring a group of rowdy German teachers to a British tea room. The prim and proper British ladies looked so scandalized, it was as if WWI was about to break out.

I left a gigantic tip because I wanted to compensate the British ladies for every time they chocked on their scones at hearing another loud “Scheiße”

3 thoughts on “Germans and Brits

  1. “hearing another loud “Scheiße””

    Ah such fond memories of German Club (not a real club just people that met on a campus bar called the Rathskeller every Friday to drink beer and have fun in German and English).

    One friend (gringa but had lived years in Latin America) happened by with other people and thought it was kind of cute when we sang “Ein Prosit, der der Gemütlichkeit” (roughly “Here’s to the good life!”) and then freaked out when we did the “Zicke Zacke Zicke Zacke, HOI HOI HOI!”

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    1. I also have this unfortunate tendency unwittingly to imitate people’s pronunciation, so by the end of the outing I was speaking in my version of the owners British accent, which I’m sure she saw as mockery.


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