When I was organizing my home library today, Klara loved it that I was grouping the books by author.

“Here go my Anthony Trollops. And this is a spot for my Sophie Hannahs,” I’d say.

“Talk like that some more, Mommy,” she exclaimed. “I love hearing it!”

You never know what little humans will find impressive.

Day Two

Second day of the snowstorm. I have reorganized my entire home library. Then I reorganized my notebook collection. Then I reorganized my recipe book collection. Klara is riding her bicycle around the house, strumming a balalaika and signing “The Lord Is Good to Me” as she rides.

It continues to snow.

Who Stands up for Higher Education

My university is forbidding the professors who teach in person to move their classes online during snow days. When campus is closed because of weather conditions, we do what we always did and cancel class. Online is not an alternative to in-person. Nothing is an alternative to in-person. Looking at food on a screen isn’t eating. Making kissy noises at a screen isn’t kissing. It brings me to tears that there are at least a few people on campus who get this.

It’s very revealing that during the pandemic professors have done absolutely everything to destroy higher education while administrators have fought them at every step to prevent it. If professors were allowed to do what they want, every university would end up being an online diploma mill with pre-recorded “content” and underpaid people in India grading the essays students bought online from other underpaid people in India.

Vaccination Success in Israel

An enormous success of vaccination and boosterization in Israel! COVID deaths are at an all time high.

It must be the fault of the unvaccinated that deaths are higher than when zero people were vaccinated. Or something. I’m sure there’s an explanation.

If anybody wondered why gushy stories about Israel have evaporated from the press, this is why. Give it a few more cycles and maybe we’ll be allowed to notice that these “vaccines” do the opposite of what they are supposed to.