Alternative to MSM

I haven’t watched one second of TV coverage of Ukraine. I find it bizarre that anybody would. The same people who repeat “the MSM lie” at least once every hour don’t seem to be able to unglue themselves from the MSM. I have no idea what the CNN, the Fox News, the New York Times, etc have to say. In a time when you can get the freshest updates directly from the people who are on the ground, why go for belated, second-hand coverage?

I did the same during the Afghanistan withdrawal. Regular Afghanis were publishing important info hours before the CNN would clock on to it. And before anybody says that regular people can make mistakes, exaggerate or lie, so do the MSM.

During the Canadian trucker protests, were you getting your info from the MSM or the truckers? I never turned on the TV once because I knew exactly what I’d hear. It’s the same thing with Ukraine. There’s a ton of English-language journalism done by Ukrainians in Ukraine.

To get you started, Kyiv Independent publishes great updates in English at @KyivIndependent. When they go wrong because the situation is so chaotic, they retract openly and immediately. Give eyeballs to people who haven’t lied to you egregiously and with contempt for years. The MSM that lie to you are making money off you with every click.

My People

Unarmed Ukrainian civilians in Berdyansk went out to stop Russian tanks. The video is particularly appealing if you understand Russian but the meaning is completely clear with no knowledge of the language:

This is very Ukrainian behavior in general. Russians and Belarusians are very different. I’m not saying bad, I’m saying different. They consider us loud, impulsive, and overly emotional. We think they are timid and slow.

Look at the behavior of the armed Russian soldier. He’s the one with a lethal weapon. And he can’t come outside and explain himself, start a dialogue. He simply hides.

Russian Hilton

For a moment of levity, I want to share the following true story. My husband is in Florida, staying at a Hilton hotel. He called me yesterday to ask how to fry fish. Since he never cooks, I asked what occasioned the inquiry at this particular juncture. He told me he brought a hot plate and a frying pan with him with a plan to cook his own meals in his hotel room.

It took me a while to explain why other guests of the Hilton wouldn’t be extraordinarily grateful for somebody frying fish inside the hotel. I suggested the exotic alternative if eating at a restaurant or getting a takeout but it didn’t fly.

He’s now planning to do a chicken stir fry on the hot plate instead.

Peace Talks

These are residential areas, heavily populated.

On a positive note:

As we say, a little thing but very pleasing.