The War Between Muslims and Jews

The poor Franco dictatorship must have been in quite a pickle, choosing sides in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. “Whom do we hate more, Jews or Muslims? Muslims or Jews? Darn Semitic folks never quit making trouble.”

I’m kidding, of course. It wasn’t that hard. Almost a quarter of volunteers in the anti-fascist International Brigades in the Civil War were Jews. And Franco had Muslim troops fighting on his side, which prompted the anti-fascist Republicans to collapse in a torrent of anti-Muslim rhetoric. Muslims and Jews ended up fighting against each other in the Spanish Civil War.

A New Persona

I just bought tickets to go to Montreal. With Klara. On an airplane.

I so want to be more like those adventurous, strong women who see no problem in traveling with a single, moderately rambunctious toddler. I really admire women who are less sheltered and who don’t see every trip to a new supermarket as an adventure requiring days of planning and mental preparation.

When I was learning to speak Spanish, I pretended that I was the kind of person who wasn’t terrified to speak in class and who could easily share things about her life with strangers. And after pretending for a while, I actually became that person. So I’m hoping that if I adopt the persona of this more adventurous woman who isn’t intimidated by new experiences, maybe it will grow on me.