Saturday Link Encyclopedia 

A lot of unconvincing stuff at the link but this sounds true: “French elites have convinced themselves that their social supremacy rests not on their economic might but on their common decency. Doing so allows them to “present the losers of globalization as embittered people who have problems with diversity,” says Guilluy. It’s not our privilege that the French deplorables resent, the elites claim; it’s the color of some of our employees’ skin.”

Why Chelsea needs to go away: “God has decreed that American political dynasties decline sharply in suitability for office with each iteration. Call it the George H.W.-George W.-Jeb rule. Quit after the first iteration. Don’t trot out the second one. And, for the love of God, don’t trot out the third.”

You spend enough time with nutsos, you begin to speak like one: “She says men are the key. If men are on board, it can be solved. “Men need to feel comfortable, to say, ‘Yes, I am proud to marry a woman who is not mutilated,'” she says.” 

The dangerous inanity of the March for Science. I’ve been stunned to get emails that invite me to sign a statement that I “believe in science.” 
didn’t know this about the American Civil War

Will teacher tenure die? If there is a practice I’ll never understand, it’s this one. 

And once again, Bernie Sanders has failed a purity test and this needs to be nitpicked and worried to death. Nothing will teach them, nothing. 

 Russians are celebrating the firing of Bill O’Reilly

African Rhythms

The only thing in Lion King I’d prefer to be different is to have more African rhythms and less signature Elton John stuff.

African rhythms return us to the genetic memory of our shared origins. It’s like hearing the heartbeat of our archetypal mother that all human beings have in common. 

As the cradle of humanity, Africa is a place whose well-being is the pre-condition to the well-being of the entire planet.

At the Show

The Lion King was the best show ever. People are not allowed to film the show, so here is a picture of me that transmits my enthusiasm. This is the 3rd Broadway musical I’ve seen, and unlike the horrible previous experiences (which I had on actual Broadway), this one was beautiful and redeemed the genre in my eyes. 

P. S. It’s not amazing weight loss (I’m still at the exasperating 203 lbs) but the optical illusion of selfie. Just in case people wonder. 

Support the Wall

Democrats should not oppose Trump’s wall.

First of all, there is no reason to oppose it other than “fiscal responsibility”, and it will be bizarre for them to take on this particular banner. 

Second, it’s clear that very many voters want it. There needs to be a pretty powerful reason to oppose such a passionate wish, and “fiscal responsibility” isn’t it. Especially for a party that has been ridiculing the concept for years. 

Third, Trump needs a signature achievement. You don’t give him a useless but inoffensive wall, he’ll be looking for an achievement elsewhere. 

There is literally no downside to the wall other than some money being wasted. But this country wastes a lot of money on crap already, so what’s the big deal?

Smart Democrats in Congress would unanimously support funding the wall because this is a ridiculous, senseless battle to wage.