Secular Saints

Gosh, my church was more low-key this year about the resurrection of Christ than the administration of my university is about the anniversary of George Floyd’s death. Most importantly, I didn’t send out any emails, telling my colleagues to contemplate Jesus’s sacrifice and ask themselves if they are living up to his legacy. I’m very excited about Pascha but I respect other people’s right not to be.

Secular saints have the creepiest, pushiest, angriest worshippers.

4 thoughts on “Secular Saints

  1. Trying to imagine what “living up to George Floyd’s legacy” might look like… Have your coworkers been taking illegal drugs and assaulting ex-girlfriends in observance of this sacred feast?


    1. I’m thinking not but this just goes to show how much work we’ve left to do before we truly live up to the legacy.

      Everybody gets the saints they deserve.


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