Whose Culture?

Thinking further about my friend from Togo, here is a list of characteristics that describes him to a T:

  • Survivor mentality that focuses on the future
  • A tendency to rugged individualism
  • A can-do attitude
  • Operating from principles and conscience
  • Focus on hard work, action, and task completion
  • Striving toward success and materialism
  • Measured moderation and silent strength
  • Focus on status and rank over connection

But as I read the list, I discover that it’s supposed to represent “white male culture [from] the British Isles.” My friend is obviously not white. And he’s from the French Togoland, not British. I wouldn’t give him the link to this list because it’s insulting. What, black people don’t have principles or a conscience? How is that portrait of Hitler on your wall doing, buddy?

Before anybody criticizes this particular link for not being the true expression of the woke ideology, there is a million of identical links from a million wokester organizations. Leftism has turned into something truly disgusting.

4 thoughts on “Whose Culture?

  1. You need to keep in mind the Rousseauian-Marxist theory of false consciousness. Just like capitalism has the nefarious capability of turning workers into agents of capitalism, so to white supremacy can subject people of color to whiteness, turning them into Uncle Toms. Fighting white supremacy is not about skin color or wealth. A rich white socialite who marches for “social justice” is clearly far more colored than a person with colored skin who holds down a job. :p
    It is frightening to realize that this use of skin color goes all the way back to the roots of the new left in the mid-20th century.

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