Against Due Process

On my campus, a black student accused two students of racially motivated hate crimes. Police investigated. The accusations turned out to be fake. The accuser was charged.

The university administration issued a statement about the importance of due process and fairness.

In response, the faculty union is holding a protest “in support of black students” who are supposedly traumatized by hearing the words “due process and fairness”. The faculty members making these claims are, of course, white.

Every time I post these stories I want to start swearing that I’m not making this up. I’m really not making this up! It is absolutely that insane. It’s now considered normal and progressive openly to claim that black people hate fairness and due process. These were the actual words that were used.

Americans. Oh, Americans. The whole world stands in awe of due process. People dream about maybe their grandchildren one day living in a society that practices this concept. And you are throwing it away because of the ludicrous and offensive myth that it upsets black people. Which it does not, you incredible dummies.

15 thoughts on “Against Due Process

  1. So often wokeness degenerates into extreme reactionary attitudes from the last century….

    Black people can’t possibly be expected to follow the law or exhibit basic life competence…

    A person who doesn’t conform to gender stereotypes (in the traditional sense) needs massive medical interventions to be ‘fixed’…

    Men will try to rape any woman they find themselves alone so women need special protection and supervision…

    Women can’t be expected to not whore themselves out for resources…

    (the last two are wokeness’s own madonna-whore complex).

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    1. This just shows that the woke don’t have any real life experience. They read about life from the books and the books will always be focused on the extreme because the greatest sin for a book is to be boring.

      Life is mostly boring. Most people are decent and want due process. Most people want to find love and have a happy family.

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      1. “will distribute crack pipes to black people to advance racial equity”

        Credit where credit is due…. he realizes how much Hunter’s demand for them has driven up prices so that your average street junkie can barely afford them anymore… He’s a social justice visionary!

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      2. Aiding and abetting self-destructive behaviors of a certain group of people is antithetical to any notions of their being on par with the rest of society
        …in fact it further nurtures and exacerbates whatever stereotypes already exist about them.

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      1. ” what backward and regressive thing they do to female equality next”

        You mean after the big push to remove women from public life in the name of ‘equality’?

        Trans in sports, proposals to do away with separate sex categories for sports and awards in the arts, things like that…. The cumulative effect of a lot of this will be fewer and fewer (biological) women as public role models…

        The Neo-Gilded Age that the US has entered will more and more resemble the first Gilded Age . You don’t create massive economic stratification if it’s not enforced by all sorts of other stratification….

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        1. Ran across this just today– guess it’s no longer OK to actually like being a woman. To be socially acceptable now, you have to be full of self-loathing about your biology, unless, I guess, you have been surgically mutilated. Because women are so inferior…

          It’s the ultimate commodification of everything. You can’t love anything about yourself unless you purchased it.

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  2. Undoubtedly a racist sentiment, but those who shared that sentiment obviously hated due process and fairness themselves. Some people do hate such things, but they are not all black, and not all black people hate them. Fascists hate them, regardless of colour.

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