A Reluctant Void

Of course, Melania is in no hurry to take up First Lady duties. For women from her subculture, doing any work for any reason spells and absolute and utter defeat in life. She’s being deprived of her raison d’etre by this whole First Lady thing. 


16 thoughts on “A Reluctant Void”

  1. A few male friends of mine (mainly retired lawyers with dyed hair) believe her to be a very attractive woman and feel rathee envious of Donald. I tell them she is just as grotesque as her spouse….they are convinced I am just being jealous and spiteful….


    1. They’re ignoring her face and looking at her body.

      Being First Lady isn’t considered “work” per se, so how is that a defeat for her? If she’d married a royal, that’s literally all she’d be doing– for life.


  2. Speaking of looks…

    Times photographer: ‘We’re ready’.
    Alcohol-soaked Bannon, as he pukes so hard into a bucket, it breaks his blood capillaries: ‘I’m ready, too’.

    If this isn’t the face of alcoholism-induce decay I don’t know what is.


  3. According to the Telegraph news, there’s a new directive for White House staff – men are to have well gromed hair and wear Trump ties while women are to “dress like women.” I guess now that Nordstrom is no longer carrying Ivanka’s line in protest to the immigration order, Trump needs a new market for her clothes. Hard to know reality from a joke.


  4. Dreidel is so happy that the disastrous Obama presidency is over and america will once again go back to being the land of freedom and liberty.


    Bannon film outline warned U.S. could turn into ‘Islamic States of America’

    The outline shows how Bannon, years before he became a strategist for President Trump and helped draft last week’s order restricting travel from seven mostly Muslim countries, sought to issue a warning about the threat posed by radical Muslims as well as their “enablers among us.” Although driven by the “best intentions,” the outline says, institutions such as the media, the Jewish community and government agencies were appeasing jihadists aiming to create an Islamic republic.


    1. A colleague ran into trouble today for mentioning in class that Bannon is a white supremacist. Next week, she will probably get in trouble for saying that water is wet.


    2. “Dreidel is so happy that the disastrous Obama presidency is over”

      Actually, nobody on this website is secretly happier than Stringer Boy that Trump won.

      Now he has the excuse he’s always wanted to run all over the Hill with his tail on fire screaming, “The sky is falling! The sky is falling!” Keep up the entertainment — it’s going to be a long four years!


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