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The Cost of Fluidity 

N’s conference costs $800, and it’s just membership and registration. Food and lodging and airfare are on top of that. Plus, he’s losing pay on the days that he’s there because his company is not covering it. And they are not covering it because they don’t want to lose him. He’s already over qualified for them, and this kind of conference widens the gap.

But he has to be paying these costs not only because he enjoys this kind of conference a lot but because that’s how one keeps oneself fluid. 


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One thought on “The Cost of Fluidity 

  1. “Fluidity” is an interesting choice of word but seems right. I’m on a similar dilemma. Currently my employer only sponsors me for a limited set of prefixed courses. I don’t think of any of them will help me go anywhere. I hesitate to invest a significant amount of money to get the ‘credentials’ for my next move; or just learn what I can by myself with the risk of not being taken seriously.


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