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I’m so proud of my sister. They called an ambulance for her little boy last week and were told that it would take 3 hours for it to arrive. They don’t live in a secluded area but in the midst of a large city (Montreal; hello “free” medical care.)

She didn’t take this common indignity lying down but got in touch with the papers, and now there’s an article about that in the city’s most popular newspaper. If people speak up more, this will put pressure on the dumb bureaucrats who gobble up the money and provide no services. 

The boy is fine but no thanks to the ambulance service. 


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3 thoughts on “Proud 

  1. As most Americans will tell you, “The squeaky wheel gets the grease.”


  2. Shakti on said:

    No wonder she called the paper! I’m glad he’s ok but what a failure of triage.


    • We had a similar story with my mother’s BFF. He is allergic to bee stings. Once he got bitten and his wife rushed him to the ER. But nobody wanted to help him even though he was choking. It’s a good thing that his wife is a bossy Soviet lady. She yelled at everybody until he got help. He could have died.


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