Not Cute

I don’t find this in the least cute:

While Trump enjoys golf, former president Jimmy Carter, 92, is building homes for the poor. Mr Carter returned to work on a building site after being taken to hospital for dehydration, while President Trump kicked back at the US Women’s Open.

Why does Carter have to make a spectacle of himself and place his infirm old body in the way of people at the building site instead of simply donating money to the cause? What good can he possibly be on a site where people actually work?

I detest this kind of fake photo-oppy charity. 


4 thoughts on “Not Cute”

  1. I would assume he’s not doing much physical work, his primary role is to raise the profile of the endeavor by being on site (and doing that probably helps more than writing checks, which me might well be doing as well).


  2. Whatever you think of Carter (and he was a lousy President), being physically active and undertaking purposeful endeavors is probably the only thing that’s keeping him relatively physically and mentally healthy at 92. The majority of Americans who make it into their nineties are in much worse shape health-wise.


    1. Why can’t he build sandcastles next to his mansion, then? Why get in people’s way and create all this disruption with having to cart him away to the hospital and back?


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