This Is Too Easy

Hilarious! Now Fox News is shilling for Putin in the exact same words The NY Times, The Nation, and Co used to do it. They haven’t even tried to change the text of their propaganda handout a bit for a new audience. I’m sure the Kremlin has never dealt with a more accommodating mark than the US voters. They must be stunned at how easy it is. 

And hey, can you criticize them if you were eagerly consuming his very shit when your friends disseminated it?


3 thoughts on “This Is Too Easy”

    1. Voronenko defected from Russia very publicly. It’s still the number 1 story on Russian news even though it’s been months since he was killed. The assassin was clearly sent by the Kremlin. The Russians are very very obsessed with this guy and his wife. They were superstar famous in Russia.

      It’s possible Voronenkov had met Manafort but his murder is about nothing but Putin’s vindictiveness.


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