Portrait of an Artist as a Little Girl

A desk and a view. What else can one possibly need?

4 thoughts on “Portrait of an Artist as a Little Girl

  1. Which hand is Klara drawing with? Looks like both arms are equally active

    And is she drawing in 3-D? She has almost equivalent left-and-right views out the two windows beside the desk..

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  2. Cute picture of Klara, but the picture is triggering me a little. I have never understood (and never will understand) why so many people in Florida have horrible wall to wall carpeting…

    It would be so much nicer with tile (or even terrazzo) flooring.
    But that view! Do you have a terrace?

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    1. Yes! With a beautiful view! I’ll post the view later. We live right over a place where sea turtles nest.

      The carpet is not only wall-to-wall, it’s also very thick. Almost like grass. Why does anybody need such heavy carpeting in Florida? Are people too cold?


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