Happy in Florida

Nowhere am I as happy as in Florida.

But a mystery I’ve never been able to resolve is why one of my eyes looks smaller than the other in every picture. Is this normal? Is it smaller by nature? I’m weirded out by my own eye.

8 thoughts on “Happy in Florida

  1. “why one of my eyes looks smaller than the other in every picture.”

    Not true — both your eyes appear exactly the same size in all your pictures on this website. (I checked several to confirm this.) Take my physician’s word for it, you look quite normal.

    (Nice bright yellow outfit, too.)

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  2. Leaving things like injury aside, pressure applied to one side of the face and not the other can create actual differences in eye size, or the illusion of the same. Different pressure can be created by sleeping on your side with the pillow against one side of the face only, or by reading a book with head propped in one hand and book held in the other, or habitually holding the head in a hand when sitting at a disk.

    The difference in pressure can affect how fluid pools, which can make one side puffier than the other, while prolonged or strong pressure can affect nerves and muscles, leaving one side more taut than the other.

    Sometimes the same thing can happen because of something dumb like a bit of dust/pollen getting into one eye and not the other, causing a bit of local swelling or local allergic response.

    Since you are on vacation in a new location with different dust/allergens floating around, and with a different climate meaning that your skin is probably more perfused than usual, while you’re sleeping in a bed that isn’t yours with pillows of different firmness and so might be taking up a different sleeping position, I’d say that any difference if real and not just an illusion of light and shadow is a temporary thing that shouldn’t be worried about at all.

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  3. I love this carefree, happy image of you. You deserve this vacation! (sorry for the 6 hour zoom chair meeting though. That sucks!) You must wear 70 sunblock. No suntan! Ha.


  4. Most people’s faces are asymmetric, and that can include the eyes. Nothing to worry about at all. You only notice the asymmetry when you see a photograph because a photograph is not the left/right reversed image you are used to seeing in the mirror. My son has the same thing with his eyes (one is a little smaller/differently shaped than the other). For me it is the other way round: he looks normal in photos but I notice it if I see his reflection in a mirror (because then the left/right sides are reversed from the way I normally see him).

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