Thank You, Truckers

I drove past the local public school and for the first time saw parents protesting against mask mandates. I rolled down my window and yelled “yay for freedom!” It’s so good to see people fight the lunacy.

None of this would be happening without Canadian truckers. Freedom is infectious, and it’s won inside every person before it can triumph collectively.

5 thoughts on “Thank You, Truckers

  1. Yeah, Canadian truckers have done everyone a great service.

    Protests are a very healthy component of a democracy. I also laugh at people who complain about the truckers not having “permits.” Having government authorized protests defeats the whole purpose of protesting. We shouldn’t need to ask the government for permission to protest.

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  2. We have been fighting like hell for a year to remove mask mandates in my son’s school district. We had parents at a board meeting last week howling at the board and being threatened by local police. But they finally removed the mandate. Today is the firat day my son is mask free at school in 2 years. Hallelujah!


    1. This is great, glad you kept up the pressure. This is the only way to really expedite the removal of these mandates.

      I’m also happy this has all been done peacefully, no matter how much the media tries to make it seem otherwise.

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  3. Canada invoked the Emergencies Act over this.


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